Thursday, May 31, 2012

Second Birthday Party Project #1- Invitations

The party is right around the corner...again.  Fingers crossed everything will go as planned so I thought I would begin the series of posts on crazy party planning for a two year old.  Let's start with invitations!  I saw these adorable invitations and knew I had to have them.

Since we are just having a small family party I only needed about 4 and could make them myself.  I saw a few similar versions then set to work.  This might not be the very best way to make them but it is definitely the easiest.

  • black scrapbook paper (I got five sheets for a dollar at Michael's during a sale...3 black and 2 other colours for other party decor)
  • white computer paper
  • computer and printer
  • glue 
  • scissors
  • ribbon (on sale 50% off + 25% off at Michael's and I will use the rest for another project)
  • lighter (this is to melt the ribbon and prevent can use any warming tool)
First, I found a picture of Mickey that I liked on google images and cut and pasted it into a word document.  I played with the size until it was right.  I then printed it, cut it out and traced it onto the black paper to make the basic Mickey shape and use for a background.

Next, I downloaded a free font call Walt Disney from Urban Fonts .  I opened this in photoshop and typed my text.  Since I didn't know exactly what size I needed I saved it as a jpeg and inserted it as an image in a word document to play with the size until it was the size I wanted.  (*If you know how to do this properly please email me and I will gladly update these directions for others.*)  I then printed the number I needed and cut them into circles.

Once the circles were cut, I glued them on the Mickey cut out.  I then made wholes in the top with my scissors and laced the pink ribbon through.  Remember to burn the ends for just a second to prevent the ribbon from fraying.  Finally, I tied the ribbon in a bow and cut them to the right length.

Done and done.  I would estimate with left over materials it cost me $1.00 for four invitations.  Unfortunately the party was delayed so that date is wrong but they are pretty none the less!

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