Monday, May 16, 2011

DIY Baby Leggings

There is nothing I love more than a baby in a onsie and leggings.  I love their little bare feet and just how easy it is for them to squirm and play but also make diaper changes a breeze.  A few months back we returned to Virginia to visit some of our friends and my friend Julie gave me this pair she had made for The Boss.  I'm not sure if she followed a tutorial somewhere or thought of them on her own but she showed me how to make them.  Here's The Boss sporting her pair from Julie.

I was shocked how easy it was to do.  Here's how to make your own pair.

Purchase women's knee high socks from target.  They generally cost about $2 a pair.   I also bought a Paul Frank pair which was on sale but a little bit more.  The Boss has had a few Paul Frank things throughout her little life so I couldn't pass these up!

Cut out the toes and the heels.

You will use the main section of the sock (the leg) for your legging and the section from the foot as the cuff at the bottom of the legging.  Since I was having problems with my sewing machine this is where I stopped taking pictures (wasn't sure I would get around to finishing these), so I will try my best to explain the rest.

Take the longest section (the leg) and flip it inside out.   Then take the foot section and fold it in half with the inside of the sock touching itself.  I took a picture of this completed pair.

(Sorry for the terrible was taken at natural light...Photography 101)

Pin the folded section to the leg of the sock with the bottom of the leg section and the open end of the folded piece attached.  Use your sewing machine to stitch around this edge.  I did a regular stitch and then re-inforced it with a zig-zag stitch.  

Done and done!  Look at The Boss.  She LOVES them, and look how nice they look with her onsie.  Love this onsie from Old Navy.  It says "I Love Hanging out with Mom".  We had to buy it when we saw it since we often call her my little Koala.  She loves travelling with Mom.

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