Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I Spy....

This is my second week playing "I Spy..." with Little Miss Momma and Friends.  I hope you enjoy a look at a few of my favourite pairs of shoes and my go to jewelry.

I spy, wedding shoes purchased at Aldo chosen because they looked like a piece of art.

I spy two pairs of Aldo pumps, that seemed like a good idea at the time, but definitely need to be reserved for date night only.  I've tried carrying The Boss in these and I nearly tipped over.

I spy a much better shoe choice when travelling with a one year old.  Thanks Forever 21!

I spy my new favourite pair of flops and a reason to get a pedicure *cough* Mother's Day *cough*.

I Spy, our puppy (we no longer have him...sniff, sniff) appreciating fashion from Payless.

I spy boots to keep me warm and ad some sass.

I spy my favourite watch from Fossil.

I Spy, a ring by none other than our favourite blogger Little Miss Momma herself.

I spy my Tiffany collection.  Including my charm bracelet that is waiting for an "It's a Girl" charm, promised to me as a bribe when Mr. D wanted to find out the gender of The Boss.

I spy jewelry that means the world to me.  The first is from Italy, my Bestie brought it home for me.  The second is from an artisan in Africa, my Dad brought it home from his well digging extravaganza.  The third is pearls my cousin bought for me for being in her wedding. 

I spy my favourite piece, my wedding rings from my Man!  I know terrible picture but they say the very best engagement rings are impossible to photograph!

I spy my everyday reminder of my Man's love.  Tiffany Notes I Love You Ring.  Again terrible picture, I dream of a new camera one day.

I spy my go to earrings.  Pearls or Cubic Zircons.


lauren@warmandfuzzy said...

Stopping over from the I SPY party...loving your taste...loving those pink pumps as well.

Melissa Hare said...

I love those brown boots!!! Why have I never seen them? They are amazing! I also love your entire jewelry collection!

Life, Crafts and Whatever said...

Stopping in from the I Spy party, I love those flats!

MD said...

You didn't get an "It's a girl" Charm because the thing with bribes is you have to carry out your end of it. I don't remember finding out it was a girl until May 26th!