Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sweet Bachelorette Party

Today I was working on our guest bedroom/ office since my Mother-in-law is coming to stay with us for a week, but then I had to take The Girl to the doctor for two immunizations which totally traumatized me.  So I am currently taking it easy trying to get my blood pressure back to where it should be.  This awesome bachelorette party made me smile though so I thought I would share it with you. 

My friend Tara and I have grown up together, and while life has taken us on different paths we always seem to find a way to re-connect.  
Our friendship started in elementary school, Tara is a year younger than me so we were in different classes but our Mom's served on committees together and we rode the same school bus.  
When it came time for high school we went to different schools but we connected while working at the same retail store in our mall.  
Tara eventually switched schools and went to my high school.  
We then reconnected when I saw her walking the halls at the university I went to...sure enough Tara was going to go here too, so we met for coffee and served together on a volunteer committee at Laurier. 
We have connected over Facebook (who hasn't) and more recently through blog land (another reason I love blogging).

She has married the love of her life and followed him out to California and back while he finished his schooling.  They just returned to the Toronto area and not a minute too soon.  Tara's brother is about to get married so Tara and her sister threw their soon to be sister-in-law a 50's Vagas Glamour Bachelorette Party!  If you can't go to Vagas (definitely on my bucket list) this is the next best thing.  Check out their cute decor!

The banner hanging over the fireplace was made by Tara.  She saw them in a store for $6 a piece and new she could make them for cheaper.

Tara also writes a blog called Cupcakes Coast to Coast where she rates cupcake stores throughout her travels.  Her blog will make your mouth water.  I don't doubt for one moment that these were inspired by her travels.  They are are adorable and look delicious!

Tara's sister Britt is super artsy so she made these water bottle labels base on my tutorial here.  I think next time I need covers I might call her.  Look at how awesome these are.  They put my little e's to shame!

Here are the party hosts in their 50's Glam! Tara is on the right and her sister Brittany is beside her.  Do you kinda wish they were your sister-in-laws?

To see more pictures of this cute event or to follow the adventures of Tara and her Hubby check out The Sylvester Scoop

If you make something based on a Cheeky D in Heels tutorial I would love to see how it turned out!  Email the pictures and a bit about your project to

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Feeling the Love - {Day 2 of my Stay-cation}

So day two of the "Stay-cation" did not really turn out as I had planned.  I had my list and was so excited to check a bunch of other projects off it until I woke up at 4 am with a desperate need to visit the Porcelain God.  Not sure if it was something I ate or a passing bug but Day 2 led me to my bed for the day.  I am so grateful for my Hubby who got the girl ready and for my Mom who spent the day with her and then sent her home with dinner for me and the Mr.

At first I was totally bummed that I wasn't accomplishing the thousands of things I needed to do, but then I thought...sometimes your body does for you, what you won't do for yourself.  I run around like a crazy person trying to fit so much in and instead of putting my feet up and enjoying my "stay-cation" I was trying to see just how much I could accomplish.  I am a little burnt out and my body is dying for a rest so it said..."how'bout now?"  (Body 1, Me 0)

 There is something about the flu that literally brings you to your knees (Haha, I totally didn't mean to make that sound as gross as it does...but you know what I am saying).  Once I got over the frustration of getting nothing done I set myself up in my bed, took lots of naps and caught up on some of my favourite blogs.  Along the way I visited these great blogs who had featured my play kitchen.

 I wanted to say a huge thank you to the below bloggers for featuring The Boss' play kitchen on their blogs.

Kristen @ Ladybug Blessings, with "Handmade Tuesdays" featured the Kitchen here.

Maryann @ Domestically Speaking, hosts a Power of Paint Party and featured the kitchen on her POPP feature here.

And Kimmie at Sugar and Dots, for featuring the Kitchen here during "What I whipped up Wednesday".

 These three ladies all have beautiful blogs, and I am so honoured to be featured amongst all the other amazing DIY's.  Make sure if you have a cute project you head over to these blogs and link it up so we can all see your great work, and share the love!

Monday, July 25, 2011


I'm off work for two weeks and I couldn't be more excited.  Don't get me wrong...I love my job but I also love having time off.  I'm having a little stay-cation if you will.  The Hubby isn't off, but my office shuts down for two weeks each summer so I'm at home and I am not complaining.  Instead I am going to spend the next two weeks getting my life back.

I have the utmost respect for Mom's who work full-time.  I work part-time, plus a little, and I find my life gets so out of control at times.  I find it hard to keep up with the cooking, cleaning, and be happy and grateful when I feel tired. The business of life takes over,  and I sometimes feel stressed doing everyday life.  I hate that feeling.  I am at my happiest when I am at home getting things accomplished and taking care of my girl.  I want to take care of my home, my man and my baby girl.  

There are a thousand projects/things I want to get done while I am home.  I started with this...clearing the clutter...

then did this...which also lead to packing up a lot of The Boss' baby stuff that she's too old to use.  It was kinda sad but also kinda cleansing.
I have a bunch of other projects that I am working on and will be sharing throughout the week.

What projects have you been wanting to do for weeks?

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Wonderful Weekend

We had a wonderful weekend!  The weather has been so hot lately and we haven't seen rain in over a month.  The down side is that the grass has turned to crunchy brown, but we are loving the fun in the sun.

My parents house is literally right around the corner from where we live so we take full advantage of their gorgeous backyard and in ground pool.  We refer to it as our cottage, or the community pool.  We have all the perks of having a pool without the work and up keep.  We are so appreciative of all the work they put in to make our "cottage" a great place to be.

We love swimming,

eating refreshing treats, 

and snuggling with Mommy after a swim!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dollar Daze

I've had my eye on these cute growth charts at Chapters (Canada's Barnes and Noble) for a few months now.  Since I had no immediate need for them,  at $19.99 a pop, I couldn't really justify purchasing them "just in case".  When I was walking through the other day I notice they were on sale so I stopped to check the new price...ONE DOLLAR!  That's right these super cute growth chart decals were marked down from $19.99 to $1. 

 For that price I couldn't figure out how many I needed!  I was considering purchasing one at $19.99 so realistically I could get 20 and still come out about even right?  I tried to practice restrain and picked up three of the Safari Round Up and one of the Blooming Tree in pink (the tree also comes in blue).  My plan is to put the Safari Round up in our basement/family room since it doesn't go with the Boss' room decor.  The two left overs will be saved in case I ever have to design a boys nursery and for a baby shower in the future!  It's cheaper than a bow.  I picked up the Pink tree for my Besty who's having a Girl in August.  She is using the Penelope Pink and Brown nursery bedding from Pottery Barn Kids.  This will either look adorable with her decor or for a dollar I thought she could even put it in the baby's closest?

Do you think I should go back and pick up some more?

Monday, July 18, 2011

First Birthday Party Project #6- THE GIFT

This is it folks...the last post about The Boss' First Birthday Party.  It seems only appropriate as it was more than a month ago but, work is really getting in the way of my hobbies these days!  Don't worry if you missed anything, you can find all my projects here.

The final post is about her present, and let me tell you this was the most work, but the most fun and rewarding DIY for the party.  I decided to make her a play kitchen since one of my pet peeves/ fears about becoming a mother is that my house would turn into a Toys R Us.  While some of the toy/baby junk collecting is inevitable, I thought why not make her a play kitchen that way it can look pretty too!  I was inspired by a few I had seen others make, but first saw the idea on Dwellings By DeVore here and here.

This is what I started with...

and Finished with this...

Like I said before this took a long time.  I collected pieces for about 4 months before I got started, not because it would take you that long but because I was excited and enjoyed the process.  When my Nana decided to re-do her bedroom I jumped at the opportunity for a free side table.  I then collected from Anthropology (my splurge pieces- the drawer knobs and the apron hook), IKEA, Home Depot, The ReStore, Zellers (our Target), my favourite fabric store and my favourite thrift store.  I got my carpenter friend to cut the hole in the top of the side table for the "sink" (a serving bowl) and the "facet".  Once the holes were cut I sanded everything and my hubby attached the back.  We used a piece of MDF for the back, this made it heavy but it worked well.  

Here's a picture of The Boss (and her stuffed "Douglas") at Home Depot getting the MDF cut...she was probably about 8 months old here.  This is the picture on my phone because I love it so much! 

Once the back was attached I primed the entire piece and sprayed it PINK!  I did a few coats and let it dry then I sprayed the entire piece with polyurethane to keep it from chipping.  I then tapped off the area for the chalkboard and used chalkboard paint, once this dried I used wood glue to attach the frame.  My hubby then attached the "sink" and "facet" with a silicone adhesive, and attached my hook for the apron and the "towel bar" (a cupboard handle from IKEA).  The burners are a small floating shelf from IKEA that was hanging in The Boss' bedroom, I simply painted the burners on with black paint and attached two knobs with silicone adhesive. 

I found these great accessories at IKEA.  How perfect are these plush vegetables and this set of pots? 

I also made the Girl an apron...totally free hand.  It's not perfect but it does the job and looked so cute on her!  Maybe one day I will write a tutorial about it (email me if you really want to know!).

Baby Girl working hard in her Kitchen...

I'm linking to these parties:

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Happy 3rd Anniversary!

Today Mr. D and I celebrate our 3rd Wedding Anniversary!  
I cannot believe it has been 3 years already!  
Where has the time gone?

I remember this day like it was yesterday.
So romantic but even more fun!

I actually went to this cafe today while I was at work...I was thinking about our photo shoot and how the ran just made our photos that much better.  (These were taken in an indoor mall made to look like the outdoors...perfect for a hot, humid rainy wedding day!)

My nephew who turned three yesterday and came to visit us after his date to Cars Two with Mommy and Daddy always reminds us of how our marriage has grown.  We started as a baby couple and now we are a 3rd old couple.  We were young and with each year we get older and stronger as a couple.

Tonight I am looking forward to an evening alone with my hubby.  Last year we had dinner with the girl then put her to bed.  This year we will put her to bed and then have dinner.  
We will save our evening out for the weekend!

Love you Baby!

Friday, July 8, 2011

A Special Baby Girl {Part 2}

The other day I mentioned that my best friend was having a baby and I posted about one of my gifts for her here.  Along with the blanket I also made her some baby girl headbands.  That's right...don't invite me to a shower for a baby girl and think I am going to show up without a headband.  Don't worry baby...Auntie Chelsey has you covered!

Anyway, my best friend is working on her baby girl's nursery (I'll get her to guest post when she's finished) but right now she is struggling with the final touches.  She has a beautiful chandelier that I am envious of.  It is gorgeous glam for her baby girls room. The walls are light, the furniture is dark and the chandelier adds some glam.  She invited me and our other Besty over to help with a curtain crisis, once we worked out the drapes we were trying to figure out how to bring the room together.   It was decided that we needed some glass elements to add the girlie glam.  While I was at my local thrift store I noticed these GORGEOUS mason jars.  So I wrapped them up and gave them to my girl at her baby shower with the blanket.  I know, totally random!  Here's my thought...I put the baby girl bands on these and thought she could display them on a shelf.  The glass would pick up the crystals on the chandelier and be functional in holding baby girl bands.  I told her to give it a try on her shelf and see how it looked.  I am secretly hoping she returns them to me...look how nice they look on my dresser.

*Unfortunately I didn't get a shot of the jars with the headbands on them (Ugh I know)...but they were the perfect size to display them, they were pretty cute!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Florida, We Miss You Already

We just got home from Florida!  Other then our flight being cancelled and rescheduled from last night to today (resulting in a full on meltdown by The Boss...yes we were those people, and we are very sorry if you were on our flight) the trip was wonderful.  We love visiting our family and soak up every second in the sun.  As always it was so sad to leave but we will be back in less than 8 weeks.  I am still getting the pictures together but wanted to share some of the highlights.

We went shopping, played in the pools, spent a day at Sea World, visited family and friends, introduced the girl to fireworks, shopped some more,  and swam even more!  If you are ever in the Orlando area (we spent 3 days there) be sure to check out both the Prime and Premium Outlets...amazing!

The flight there, she was an angle (this was her 4th trip on a plane, she knows the drill).  There is no photo evidence of the flight home...we are trying to pretend it didn't happen.

Sorry...iphone photos.

If you can't read the bag it's a Coach bag, and yes this was his purchase not mine!

We fed the dolphins at Sea World.  This was really special for so many reasons but especially because the Hubby and I did this together four years ago when I came to Florida to meet his family.  They took me to Sea World and we fed the dolphins because I love them and it has always been my dream to swim with them (I have since also swam with them). We have a picture, almost exactly like this one, of me and hubby before we knew we would be a family.

There were a number of moments on this trip where there was nowhere else in the world I would rather be.  This was one such moment.  In fact, as we watched The Boss run and squeal having the time of her life,  my father-in-law said to me "This right here is worth every penny".   I agreed.  The weather wasn't great while we were in Orlando but the moments as a family were.  The Boss is growing so fast and I just love every single second and the time we get with her.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Dual Weekend!

One of the best things about being Canadian and marrying an American is that we have dual celebrations! This weekend is one of those times! On the first we celebrated Canada Day and today we celebrate Independence Day. We are so grateful for those who serve to give us our freedom! Happy canada Day and Happy 4th of July!

Friday, July 1, 2011

A Special Baby Girl {Part 1}

My Besty is having a baby and I could not be more excited for her.  I told her that I think I am more excited for her than I was for my own.  Probably because her pregnancy means cuddles, shopping and baby talk without all the morning sickness.    To top it off she is also having a girl!  What could be more fun...bestiest with baby girl besties! I cannot wait to meet her little angle!  So while we wait for her we are going to celebrate the life out of this little lady!  She is having two showers which means two opportunities to spoil this girlie to bits!!!!

Here is one of the two projects I did for the first shower.

I found this adorable flannel and decided to do a blanket with flannel on one side and minky on the other side.  *Note* Minky is super hard to cut and rather tricky to sew as well.  It will make you want to throw your sewing machine out the window.  I read on another blog that the more pins you put in and the slower you sew the easier it is, and that was true.  It was still tough.  Prego women, don't try this...get a friend to do it for you! :)

Here's what I did.  I cut the flannel and the minky into a 30" by 30" square.  I sewed around the edges of the blanket with the front sides facing in.  I left an opening about 8" wide to flip the project inside out when I was finished sewing.  I sewed a 1/4" seem and cut off any of the access.  Once I was done I turned it all inside out and ironed the seams flat.  Then I folded the edges of the opening in and ironed them down.   

It's so far from perfect but I kinda love it.  It looks pretty good in the picture doesn't it?  Haha we will call that trick photography, which makes me wonder...maybe other blogger's DIYs don't always turn out as perfect as they look.  I think the key to DIY is that its done with love.  If I make enough of these, and I think I will, I will get better at it.

Here I am with the Mommy to be...look at that cute bump!