Friday, August 26, 2011

She's Here..

A week ago today my best friend had her baby girl!  I could not have been more thrilled and excited for her.  I was at the cottage and my cell wasn't working so my Hubby was sending me updates on my Dad's phone.  My Besty was a champ, her water broke at 6 am and she delivered at 12:58 pm.  I am so proud of her!  I was able to talk with her later that day as I drove home from the cottage.  On Sunday we had the chance to bring them dinner and meet their sweet girl!  The Boss was very unsure how she felt about the new Baby.  What a difference 15 months can make.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

While on the topic of Driftwood...

Are you sick of it yet?  You must be saying to yourself, "Really? Who can love driftwood this much?" apparently me.

My star was my project from the cottage this year.  When I started my blog, right after being at the cottage last year, I started with a table display using driftwood.  I then moved the driftwood to a Christmas display. I've said this before but it is one of the reasons I love driftwood, it can cross all kinds of decor lines.  Here are some decorating ideas, crafts and a fundraiser.

Fall display...

...a Christmas display

a craft...

When I was a little girl my Nana would have me over for dinner and then we would do a craft.  I actually credit her for teaching me to sew and encouraging my crafty spirit.  One project she did with me though included driftwood (maybe that is where my obsession comes from?).  She collected sticks on the beach and then purchased googly craft eyes.  I then got to go through the sticks and decide what type of animal they looked like.  We glued them onto a piece of wood and glued the eyes on to make it more obvious to others.  I loved this.  What a creative idea to bring out the imagination and creativity in your own kids.

...and a fundraiser. 

Finally, while we were walking along the boardwalk at the cottage one afternoon we passed some little girls selling homemade crafts to support the local hospital.  We smiled and continued on our way.  As we continued to walk my sister and I decided we should go back.  Touched by these little girls generosity and entrepreneurship at such a young age, I purchased this "gods eye" for $2.  Can you say future blogger/ etsy shop owners?  I of course chose the driftwood project...low cost, high return for their fundraiser.  I work for a not-for-profit organization that raises money to help woman and families experiencing unplanned pregnancies.  I am passionate about fundraising so these little girls made my day.  My little craft, means so much more to me than the a $2 donation. 

 Thank you little ladies for being an example to adults of selfless giving.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My Star

Today was my first free day since getting back from the beach so I spent sometime crafting.  I really wanted to create this Pottery Barn inspired driftwood star.  I am definitely not the first person to re-create this but this is how I did it.

While at the cottage my three year old nephew and my sister helped me collect my materials.

I then took them home and washed it to get the sand and bugs out.  (Yes, I did convince myself that running it under the tap would get rid of all bugs...hush now, it worked I think?) I then laid it out in the sun to dry, add a round of rain and a second round of sunshine, and my wood was ready to go.

Next, I drew a star and cut it out of cardboard.  I stressed over this for a long time because I didn't know how to make a perfectly symmetrical don't have to worry about this.  The general shape is all you need to use as a guide.  You will then glue on your wood which will shape the star. 
 You want it to be corky!

I placed a few pieces in their spot and then glued them on with a glue gun.  It was kinda like a puzzle, but a really fun puzzle.  (I hate doing puzzles). Once I had the entire thing covered I layered pieces to fill in holes and make it more dimensional.  What do you think?  Not bad?  Best part, it cost ZERO dollars to make!  The only cost is the cardboard, which I had (*cough* diaper box *cough*) and the glue which I also had.  Yeah, I am pretty sure the Pottery Barn version isn't made on a diaper box but I think mine is pretty dang cute!

It is currently displayed in our front entry way, which I am also currently working on sprucing up.  Making small cheap changes to make it more homey.  It is super hard to do though with builders beige on the walls.  Ugh...what a terrible colour.  I dream of owning a home one day and the first thing I will do is paint the entire house!

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Monday, August 22, 2011

Making Me a Star...

We are back from the cottage and I am making me a star!  I don't know what it is about drift wood that I love so much, but I feel so inspired by it whenever we are at the beach.  My very first post was a display including long driftwood sticks I collected last year at the cottage.  This year I was on a mission for smaller fatter pieces to create my Pottery Barn inspired star.

I loved the look of this star and knew just from picture that it was super easy recreate.  What I love about driftwood is that it crosses many style lines.  This simple star looks nautical and fun in this gorgeous outdoor lounge area.  It would however, look equally adorable and fitting in a Christmas display.  My plan is to put it in our new entryway.  However if it looks awkward I will gladly find somewhere else to put it. 

Stay tuned for the tutorial and where it ended up in my house!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

We've Been at the Beach

We've been at the beach!  Each year my parents rent a large cottage and invite all the kids and their kids to join them.  Due to our work schedules The Hubby and I couldn't take the full week at the cottage.  We instead took a long weekend.  Isn't this view amazing?  It was so sad leaving.

Since I don't work on Fridays, The Girl and I will be heading back up tomorrow night.  I am hoping to recruit my nephew one afternoon to help me collect driftwood.  I have a project up my sleeve!  I hope you also cherishing the last few weeks of summer.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

We avoided this for 14 months...


Oh Goodness, just when you think you have this parenting thing figured out...
Baby comes home with a rash.

You might remember from my previous post that The Girl spent the weekend with my parents.  I mentioned she had a fever but that she was probably just teething...
do I blame all fevers on teething?  See this post.

When the girl started acting strange I blamed it on a thousand different things.
She's teething, she just had shots, she's teething, maybe she's just becoming a brat.  
Yes, I did actually say that.  When the girl turned her head and refused food, I thought she was showing me attitude.  
(In fairness to me, she said "NO!" in her squeaky I'm the Queen of the world voice 
and threw her head to the side) 
She even started to throw her head back and scream for no reason at all....
it looked a lot like a temper-tantrum to me, 
but not to to the medical profession.
A few of her symptoms did worry me but she wasn't screaming (thank-goodness) so it didn't seem like sickness.  
Her fever came and went, 
her appetite came and went, 
she slept one night through the night and then not the next, 
she even stumbled and tripped over her own feet, but again she does this on occasion...she's one!

While throwing one of these "temper-tantrums" I was referring to earlier,  I noticed her stomach was covered in a rash.  I flipped her over and sure enough her back was covered too.  
Oh no!

I did what ever good mother does and called my own mom, and then my sister (also a Mom)
My Mom lives right around the corner so I threw the Girl into the car to get a "professional" opinion.  
We decided that I would take her to the clinic and get it checked.  All I could think of was what if I don't get this checked and it gets worse, then I will have a screaming one year old and a decision to wait it out or brave emerg...ugh!  Mr. D. works right beside a clinic so we told him where we were and he met us there when he was done. 

The doctor at the clinic asked lots of questions then checked The Girl out. 
It turns out she has an ear infection of some sort.  
When you say it out loud it all makes sense...
fever, loss of appetite, loss of balance, grabbing her cheek/ear...yup!  
How did I miss this? 
Sorry Baby time you just might need to scream.  
Your brave, easy going temperament leaves clear symptoms unnoticed.

So, until seven o'clock last night we lost our amoxicillin virginity.  
It was a good run Girl!  
I gave her her meds and put her in the tub...there were clearly no hard feelings.  She splashed away and then cuddled with Mommy before going to bed like an angel.
Luckily, I have today off to nurse my Baby back to health. 

Monday, August 8, 2011

Cottage Country Wedding

This is a blow-dryer, not a vacume....I know right?  I was shocked too.  You can imagine my surprise when I walked into my hotel room this weekend and found this, but I am getting a little bit ahead of myself.

Mr. D and I attended a wedding for our friends this weekend.  The wedding was about three and a half hours from our house in a popular area of cottage country up North. Excited to celebrate our friends and for the opportunity to get away, we decided to make a weekend of it.  My parents gladly took The Girl overnight, who unfortunately for them, had a fever all weekend (teething).  We packed our bags and headed for the boonies!

After what seemed like the longest drive in the world, down busy highways and twisty cottage roads, we reached our destination.  The hotel was not quiet as it appeared on the website (we've all been there) but we were with our friends and baby free so we decided to make the best of it.  We later found out, when we visited our friends hotel, that our hotel was a palace compared to the only other hotel in the area.

Gotta love cottage country!

While our hotel did not exactly meet our expectations, the wedding we attended exceed all my expectations.  The ceremony was outside at the Bride's parents restaurant with the reception at the Groom's parents house.   Both locations were breathtaking, and the decor super chic. Just take a look for yourself, it looks like a movie right?

I was in love with their seating chart, and the wooden signs they painted to direct their guests.

There were so many other beautiful touches.  The cakes on the centre of the table looked beautiful and served as dessert after dinner.  One guest at the table served the others just as marriage is about serving another person and demonstration of love.

They used green apples as their thank-yous to their guests and scattered throughout the decor.  I loved the bright splash of colour.  The other guests seemed to enjoy them as well.

They also had an amazing band!  We definitely danced the night away, probably one of the most fun weddings I have ever been to. 

Us with some friends and the beautiful couple.

The best part of the whole wedding???  Travelling with this guy!  You think he looks hot should've seen him on the dance floor!

Back to Work

Today I am back to work...the "stay-cation" is officially over.  
You can imagine how hard it was to leave this little muffin after two weeks of spending time together. 
I love you little Koala...I will miss you today.

Sunday, August 7, 2011


I just wanted to say thank-you to Desirée@ The 36th Avenue for awarding my play kitchen
this award!

So sweet of her, and such a cute idea!  She awards all different awards to her favourite projects that link up.  If you haven't visited her blog you definitely should and if you have something great to share head over Wednesdays at 6 until Saturday at 6.  You might just be the next winner of one of her cute stickers!

Thanks Desiree!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Old Becomes New

With my Mother-in-Law coming and my "stay-cation" starting I decided I would redo/update our guest room/office.  However with the onset of the flu and a wild one year old I didn't get around to a total transformation just a few projects here and there.  One project that I took on was this vase.

I absolutely love vases in different shapes and sizes.  I have started a collection from flower arrangements Mr. D sends me and ones I pick up from thrift stores.  I love using them for flowers, candies or displaying other small objects.  When I dropped this vase and chipped the top I was so sad.  I loved the size and shape.  Being the little DIYer I am I knew there was a way.'

I, like many others in blog land, have found a place in my heart for jute twine.  One of my first posts ever was a jute twine vase I saw someone else do and wanted to try.  It took me about 7 days to complete an afternoon project, but I am getting much better.  I also used jute twine on an easy frame posted here. Since each of these projects,  I have noticed what others have done so fixing the chip in the above vase is a modification from other twine vases I have seen.

First my materials; My chipped vase, white glue, and jute twine.

All I did was a small band of twine at the top of the vase.  The band was about six times around the top.   If you look to the back of the vase on the left hand side you can see the chip...when that's put in the front no one will even know.

I placed this in the guest room/ office/ sewing room... and filled it with my sewing thread.  It's perfect!  I then placed an old IKEA vase beside it with some drift wood (collected at the beach) in it and hung my bobbins on it.  A cute and decorative way to store my sewing materials.

* Yes that is all the thread I own...lame I know!

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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

We went to the ZOO

This weekend Mr. D's Mom came to visit for the next week.  It was the long weekend in Canada so we took full advantage of the nice weather and went to the zoo.  We knew The Boss would love it.  She loved all the animals at Sea World so we thought this would be the perfect trip and we were right.  
She loved it.
 She loved showing me the animals...

looking for the animals...

and being The Boss.

 It was so much fun!