Thursday, June 14, 2012

Second Birthday Party Project #4 - Cake

Wednesday I showed the Minnnie Cupcakes made for The Boss' party.  While most of my family LOVES chocolate cake, the Mr. prefers vanilla cake with chocolate icing.  In an effort to make everyone happy I did both!  In doing both I ended up with 12 chocolate cupcakes, 12 vanilla cupcakes, one vanilla and one chocolate round cake.  I decided to use the cakes to make a Minnie face.

I cut the chocolate cake into ears and added them to the top of the vanilla cake.

Next, I iced them to keep them in place (sorry this picture ended up get the idea).

Mr. D helped with the construction of the face and even made me some pink icing!

At one point I considered leaving the cake just as Mickey, since he is Minnie's best friend, but decided against it since The Boss loves Minnie so much.  Mr. D jumped in and quickly built me a bow!

Finished product; chocolate ears with chocolate icing, chocolate bow with pink cream cheese icing, vanilla cake face with vanilla icing, and Minnie's hair line is vanilla cake with chocolate icing.  Every combination to meet every cake desire.

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Mary said...

Saying hi from the Sugar and Dots linky party. I absolutely adore this cake. Awesome work! :)