Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Second Birthday Party Project #5 ~ Gift

Here is the fifth and final project for The Boss' Second Birthday Party! (Thought I better post it before she turns three...jk).

One of my biggest pet peeves are houses that look like Toys R Us threw up in their living room.  There are a few reasons for this but the biggest is that the space no longer belongs to the family but the children and linked to this are all knids of other issues such as greed, entitlement ect.  Since The Boss is spoiled by family and friends Mr. D and I try to focus on one main gift rather than buying her everything in sight.  Don't get me wrong, we spoil her all the time (she loves Starbucks as much as her Mommy) but we are trying to teach her to enjoy what she has.

Last year it was her kitchen seen here, she LOVED it.  This year I really wanted to add a table for her to server her "guests".  While it took a little convincing Mr. D eventually saw the benefit in it and since then we have enjoyed many "romantic dinners" of coffee and soup served by an all too eager two year old waitress!

I purchased this table on Kijiji for $25.  We sanded and painted it to co-ordinate with The Boss' room.

We sanded and primed it first since it had a varnish on it.

I took The Boss to her room to get dressed and Mr. D brought out her table...she instantly knew what to do.  I think it was love at first sight.    She wasted no time at all.

We then took the table to her bedroom where she hosted her first tea party...and Mr. D again found himself wrapped right around her finger.  He swore he would NEVER sit at a little table drinking tea...

Looks pretty comfortable here to me.  Dad of the year, and the happiest two year old in town!

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