Friday, September 7, 2012

Final Dining Room/Living Room Reveal

 The best part of any project is the finished product.  There is nothing I love more than sitting in my home and looking at my hard work.  This was one of the largest projects I have taken on but in return has had the largest impact.  I love this room.  I think if I could put my decorating style into one picture it would be this room.  It's rustic and warm, cost effective and glamorous, vintage yet trendy. 

We took a beige box of a room with dark inexpensive furniture and painted it "Sage Silver" from Restoration Hardware.  We highlighted the large windows and door on the one wall by painting it white and hanging sheer white drapes.

Our dining room and living room are connected so it was important to me to find comfortable chairs for the head of the table so they could be dragged over for extra occasional seating.  I also wanted something to anchor the two ends of the table.  These chairs are the perfect colour and the perfect size.

Magazine picture...seriously is this my house?  I LOVE it!

This chair is another focal point of the room.  Mr. D spotted it and I thought it was perfect.

 This sweet toy bin is from Target...our poor OCD child freaked when I brought this home and started shifting all her toys from the old red bin to this...I eventually gave up and waited until she went to bed to complete the switch over.  It didn't seem to bother her when their was no other option.

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Mark and Tara said...

Love it Chels! Especially the dining table and chairs. The navy is such a nice touch. Looks fabulous!!