Monday, September 14, 2015

Heidi & Finn Cocoon Dress

It's been a long time since I've posted a sewing project but that doesn't mean I haven't been busy.  In fact, the opposite.  I'm often squeezing sewing in wherever I can and so there is not much time left to blog about it.  I've posted before about my love for Heidi & Finn and again I'm going to boast about how great these patterns are.  I recently pattern tested her latest release, the Cocoon Dress.  The great thing about testing is that you have a deadline....this little beauty couldn't be cut only to sit on my sewing table for months.  The fabric was bought, cut, sewn and modeled in about 4 days.  My model even have an ear infection and strep throat so we waited an extra day until she wasn't was less of a nightmare.

The Cocoon Dress is AMAZING.  It is a quick easy sew that can be made with or without pockets (my girl loves her some pockets).  And can we talk about the exposed zipper?  I love it!  Due to the shape it is best suited for heavier fabrics.  I used a thick tweed that was $49.99 a yard...I know you think I'm nuts right...well I'm not.  It was $49.99 on clearance for $24.99 and 50% off that.  Yes, $12 and since I was testing a 2T I only needed 3/4 of a yard, so this baby cost me $8.  Call me crazy but this dress looks like it could've come from a high end boutique right?  Or am I just bias?   Either way, I'm in love with it and anytime my girls can look fabulous for $8 I'm a happy woman!

I tested the 2T for my girl.  She is about 30lbs and tall for her age (36 ish inches).  This size fits her like a glove.  I currently have this same dress in a sweat shirt material dress cut for her it's just in line behind another pattern I'm testing and maybe even a project for Mommy!  I can't wait to sew one of these for my big girl.  I'm looking into adding sleeves to pair with tights or leggings in cooler weather.

 For the next two days this pattern from 12M-12yrs is on sale for $7.95 over on etsy.  If your looking for a little inspiration, head over to the Heidi & Finn Blog to check out the Cocoon Dress Tester Round up!  Let me know what you make!

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