Sunday, October 3, 2010

From the Sticks

We recently spent the weekend at the cottage.  Maybe it was the cool weather or maybe it was the lack of things to do because of the cool wet weather either way,  I decided to collect drift wood to make a fall centre piece.  What I love most about this is that each stick was hand selected from the beach.  Since a storm had recently rolled through there was tons of drift wood to choose from.  This centre piece cannot be bought and is definitely a conversational piece.  

 How can you get this look?  Grab your hubby,friend, or child who doesn't mind walking the beach and hand selecting sticks lying on the beach.  I thought about taking my two year old nephew but then realized I was far too OCD, my hubby was an excellent substitute.  Once you have your sticks set them up in a vase and add a few seasonal items.  I used rocks collected at the cottage last year and some brown ribbon to stand them up.  I used mini pumpkins for fall however, I already have a plan to turn this into a Christmas piece.

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