Friday, October 22, 2010

Sourcing Drapes

My brother-in-law is a trained chef and has recently accepted a position at our local University revamping and re-opening the graduate student lounge.  Previous to his take over, this space was a dirty, dingy and the only food served was re-heated curry.  Enter Jared.  He has gone in and taken on what I think is a terrifying task of renoing the entire space, fixing up the menu and re-opening the restaurant in a two week time frame.  No need to fear, if there is anyone that can handle this job it's Jared.  Not only is he the best chef I know, he is creative and has an eye for decor.  Due to the tight turn-around though he asked for my assistance in sourcing drapes.  The Boss and I headed out on our adventure to help Uncle Jared's latest project.
The Boss and her baby sourcing drapes.
 By the time she can walk, she'll be a professional
The space he is working with is large with a huge bank of windows.  His colours are apple polish (a gorgeous red) and driftwood gray (you know my obsession with gray).  The ceiling tiles are already a charcoal colour so the main purpose of the drapes was to help absorb sound.  He has already sourced nickel chandeliers from a local lighting store LITES and is using black stone for the bar.  Doesn't it sound fabulous?  There was much debate over what colour the drapes should be.  White, red, grey or black, so I sourced a few different options for him to look at.  Here is what I found.

After much discussion on the phone he decided on these charcoal drapes from IKEA.  
I think they are the perfect balance for everything else in the room, and they are only $39.99 a pair.  Why didn't I think of them?  They are perfect!  It just goes to show you it takes many minds for the perfect design solution.  I can't wait to see his finished restaurant. 

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ypastorswives said...

Can't wait to see pics of the finished project. How did you do that neat collage up there? :)