Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Needless Christmas Tree

I was visiting my younger sister the other day when I noticed she hadn't put up her Christmas tree.  Since mine has been up for about 3 weeks now, I was shocked (and slightly horrified).  When I asked her about it she said it was so much work for just her and she just wasn't feeling up to it this year. I totally understand.  It is an awful lot of work for just yourself.  So, while I totally understand not wanting to go the whole nine yards, this is no excuse for zero Christmas cheer what-so-ever.  I knew instantly what I needed to do.  You might remember my post about my friend Joel who works for House and Home magazine.  I first noticed his work on this project in the December issue.  Ever since I saw it I wanted to try it but didn't have anywhere for it in my house, I have found the perfect spot...my sister's house!  Here is her new tree that will be delivered and set up tonight!

I used material I had left over from another project, a piece of driftwood for the top, and twine to hang it with.  All items I had around the house.  The only thing I had to buy was the chalkboard paint, but I have been wanting this for awhile anyway!  For Joel's tutorial on how to make your own click here.

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Unknown said...

you are such a nice sister.
Hello to Paige when you see her!!