Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Work Christmas Party

One of the most difficult jobs I have even had is being a mother.  While I absolutely love every single second of being on maternity leave with the Boss, this job is definitely not 9-5, nor does it ever let up for a coffee break.  As the Christmas season approached I was feeling sad that I would not have a work Christmas party to attend.  While the government is kind enough to issue a bi-weekly maternity leave cheque, they don't find it necessary to throw a fancy Christmas party.  I thought about all my Mommy friends who would be feeling the same way so I decided I would through a "work" Christmas party.  Last week I invited a bunch of my Mommy friends and their little ones to come over.  It was super fun to get in the Christmas spirit and let all the little ones play together.  I tried to keep it as kid friendly as possible but had to show off my fun sugar cookies to match the fun frosty table cloth I found.

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