Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Meet Blankie...

This is The Boss' prize possession.  What started as a beautiful, clean, pink blanket is now a grubby, hamster smelling, security item.  I literally have to peel it out of the hands of her and plan my laundry loads to ensure it is washed, dried and back in her crib before she even notices it's gone.

While I should be happy she has an attachment item, especially because we travel so much, this blanket stresses me out.  Since the timing of washing it is tricky when I work I always feel self conscious sending her to my Mom's or my Mother-in-laws with it at it's hamstery worst.

I didn't want to replace it, maybe just throw in a sub.   I made the same flannel/minkie blanket for her that I made for my best friends baby here.  I thought if I could sub it in maybe, just maybe I could wash Blankie during nap time.  In an effort to get her to fall in love with it I let her play with the material and Blankie at the same time.

  I was trying to go with the get a puppy to like their crate by feeding them in it idea...you know...if she plays with it with something she loves, maybe by default she will also love it?  No such luck. Oh well!

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