Monday, September 12, 2011

Happy Bee-day

One of my good friends recently celebrated this sweet girl's first birthday.  Isn't that the cutest little face ever?  I remember clearly the day Julie and her husband called to tell us she was pregnant with Baby A.  We were just a few months pregnant ourselves and so excited for their growing family.  One year later, they are celebrating their sweet girl with a Bee themed party.

She made this adorable flag banner.  It reads "Happy 'Bee' day" how cute!  You can find a tutorial for a flag banner here.  She just sewed her triangles onto a ribbon and then hot glued white felt letters on.  She said she started it a week before the party.  Did I mention she is a busy mother of two?  How in the world do you pull this off when you have two kiddies to take care of?

She made Baby A's dress and headband as well.  The dress is a pillowcase dress with the bee made out of felt and sewn on.  The bee and flower on her headband were just hot glued together and pinned on.  You can find a tutorial for the dress here or here.  I love how the yellow just pops.  Baby A looks gorgeous in this colour.  I think her Mommy is pretty cute too!

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