Thursday, September 8, 2011


...are the story of my life! (This post is no exception)

We just returned from Florida, and with the exception of an impromptu visit to Atlanta (don't ever fly with me I am bad luck), we had an amazing time!!!!  We flew to Mr. D's home town and dropped The Boss off at her grandparents.  Mr. D and I then continued on to Orlando where we spent three days together reminding ourselves how fun we are.  It is incredible how much you let your marriage slide when you add a baby.  We focus so much of our time and effort on The Boss that we forget to spend time together.  We always get along, but a marriage needs to be more than getting needs to be romantic getaways where you remember why you chose each other.

We spent time in the sunshine....

...took the boat over to city walk where we ate dinner and enjoyed the night life, 

...and finished the weekend off with the first Gator game of the 2011 season! 

It was like a second honeymoon.  Our time was spent talking about how we need to do this every year, and missing The Girl.  After three days away we were super anxious to get back and see her.  Unfortunately for us (or fortunately depending on how you look at it) the anxious feelings were not reciprocated.    The Boss had the best time with her grandparents and did not miss us for even a minute.

Some of the highlights of our trip were meeting our good friends we went to school with for lunch and dinner, sleeping in, sun-tanning laying down with my eyes shut, catching a nap and the Karaoke bar we found.  We stayed at Loews Royal Pacifica Resort at Universal Studios.  It was the perfect balance of romantic getaway and night life.   The first night we were there we stumbled across Rising Star at City Walk a local Karaoke bar.  This is the stage where the live band and back up singers await the next, not your average Karaoke bar.  The people that sang were awesome.  We chose not to sing, not that we would've either way, but this place was way out of our league.  We just enjoyed listening to all the other singers and singing along with our favourites.  I was so impressed with their talent.  If you are ever in the area this is definitely a place to check out we could've stayed there for hours.

Another highlight started with frustration and ended with a relaxing fun visit.  We were flying from Jacksonville to Atlanta, Atlanta to home, but thanks to all the hurricanes and tropical storms hitting Atlanta our flight into Atlanta was delayed forcing us to miss our connection.  We landed in Atlanta and 3 hours later (1:30 am I might add) we were tucking ourselves in to an Atlanta hotel.  While this was a long and frustrating process The Hubby decided to make the best of it and called his brother who is interning in Atlanta who we haven't seen since Christmas.  We met up with him and headed to the Georgia Aquarium.  The Boss went CRAZY.  She loved this place..."fiss, fiss, fiss" (fish) all day long.  So, what nearly gave me an ulcer turned into another full day of family fun and an impromptu visit.  Funny how things just work out sometime.

We had a wonderful time and feel blessed and refreshed having been able to getaway.

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