Monday, December 5, 2011

Our Weekend...

Naughty or Nice?

Are we good parents for posing with her OR terrible parents for making her pose at all?

The Girl has been loving the idea of Santa.  Pointing to things with Santa on it and talking about him, however when it came time for the annual picture she was having none of it.  She didn't throw a temper-tantrum...we've seen those and know what they look like...she instead was clinging to and clawing at Mr. D's shirt.  We decided to make it a family photo in an effort to  actually get a picture for her memories.  

Do you think if she was a little older she would have told me to forget the memories, this is not happening?

Either way, we look somewhat happy and we have year two for her baby book. 
Terror in her eyes and all!

Last year, much better if you ask me!

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