Monday, December 19, 2011

Visiting Santa...again!

Last year we braved the snow and took The Boss and her cousins to get their picture taken with Santa.  Trucking two babies and a two year old through the mall was tough but totally worth it.

I'm sure people in the mall saw us coming thought we were crazy for trying this but,
 look how cute they are?
Well done 2010!

This year we braved it with a three year old and two almost two year olds, 
it should be way easier right?

We decided to try it and out.
They can all walk right?
A herd of turtles I tell you, and if you let go of one for even a second they take off.
Where is that speed when we're all holding hands?

We made it to Santa's village with three excited little people and two tired Mommy's.
Our adventure had just begun.

Here's how it turned out...
We started with the my niece and nephew on their own since they didn't have one of just the two of them yet.

Since this was going so well, and Santa was super helpful and cooperative, 
(haha...sense the sarcasm) 
we decided to try and add The Boss.  
I started by standing her in front of my niece, 
but she took off.  
When I caught her I tried to put her on my nephew's lap, because there was no offer from Santa, 
but she was terrified and took off.  
Don't believe me, see our family photo here.  
The whole time I was putting her in I was ducking and yelling 
"just take one".   
I wasn't looking for the best family photo ever, just proof of our years of trying.  

So, the above photo, as unwarm and Christmasy as it is, 
totally represents the mood of our experience.
It will take it's place, as the 2011 memory, and wait to see what next year holds.
Never a dull moment or a wasted memory.  
Not every picture as rosy as you plan.
But a family full of love and Mommies willing to battle the Christmas craziness for a photo.
I love our memories with our family.
I wouldn't trade this picture for one with perfect smiles and children standing like soldiers.
This is real life.
Better luck next year?  

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Anonymous said...

I love the lead up photos! As Momma of the niece and nephew I have to say the picture has completely grown on me and makes me laugh now even though I wasn't laughing at the time!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, I couldn't stop laughing reading this!!! LOL. The pictures are so funny and I can't believe Santa didn't help. I hate Santa's like that. Seriously?
I need to e-mail you back but life has been super crazy around here. And I have done that too, gone to the mall with no stroller. Seriously? It's too funny. My Olivia has tried to take off running many times.