Thursday, February 17, 2011

Our First Road Trip...with a baby!

This weekend we are heading to Virginia to visit our friends. We are so excited to spend time with our friends and introduce the Boss to everyone.  I'm a little nervous about the drive, but Mr. D has downloaded cartoons for the Boss on his iPad.

One of the things I am really excited for while we are away is American shopping!!!!   Target is one of the stores I miss the most, but I've been told it's coming to Canada.  They have cute things at reasonable prices!  I did some pre-shopping online, and can't wait to get there and check these items out.

Merona Collection Women's Zea 2fer Dress $39.99
Merona Collection Women's Vevette Dress $39.99
Merona Women's Twisted Neckline $39.99
Merona Water Repellent Long Trench Coat- White/Gray Gingham $49.99

And for the Boss...
Cherokee Red Double Ruffle Dress $15.00
This final dress I'm thinking about for the Boss for Easter.  I think it's so cute!!!  I'm not ready to purchase it until I see it in person but I am definitely on the hunt for something super girlie and frilly for Easter.  Can you beat the price for this?

Charokee Navy Sleeveless Dot Dress $20.00
Can't wait to see what we find!  Have a wonderful weekend and  a wonderful long weekend for all my Canadian readers!


Unknown said...

Have a great trip!! Roadtrips aren't that bad. We do them often :) Boden usually sleeps way too much because when you're strapped in a can't move for that gets boring, so he sleeps!! haha.

Good idea with the ipad vids!!

Melissa Hare said...

Have a great trip! I can't wait to catch up when you get back. xo

Mark and Tara said...

Enjoy Target - they have some ADORABLE baby girl dresses right now!!