Friday, February 25, 2011

The Second Reason for the Best Mail Day Ever!

So yesterday I posted about my awesome ring from Little Miss Momma, but I also said there was a second happy surprise for me.  It was this gorgeous headband from a giveaway on Dwelling by Devore.  Bethany has a super cute blog with all kinds of design projects.  Her blog is actually one of the first I started following through a mutual friend, so you can imagine my excitement when I won her headband giveaway.  What could make me happier...a free headband (obsessed with them for the Boss) from blog land (my new BFF's).  The headband was from the Etsy shop Cherrie Chic.   Michelle of Cherrie Chic also has a cute blog Cherrie Chic Life which follows her life as a wife, mommy, and decorator extraordinaire.  She has two little girls including one not too much older than the Boss.

  Thanks to Bethany and Michelle for this great giveaway.   I think the Boss looks truly adorable!!!

Check out both of their blogs or Michelle's shop to pick up a treat for yourself.

1 comment:

Melissa Hare said...

Too cute! I love it. Your ring is also super adorable.

Your blog looks great by the way! We need a breakfast date soon.