Monday, February 28, 2011

The Oscars

Last night we ordered Sushi and watched the Oscar's.  We were underwhelmed to say the least.  As per many of the reviews we found the show rather boring as a whole.

Since the Red Carpet is the best part, I wanted to show my Hits and Misses on the Red Carpet.

Firstly, Halle Berry...could she be any hotter?  
These four all look great!  I loved that Hailee Steinfeld looked sweet and innocent in her ballerina inspired dress.  I am also in love with Gweneth's gold dress, she looked so chic in it.
Natelie Portman not only looked amazing, but also showed grace and elegance when she accepted the Oscar for Best Actress in Black Swan.  If I am ever prego again I will be borrowing this dress.  :) 
Finally, Sandra Bullock's dress was gorgeous.  I love the colour and the flattering.  She does however bring me to my pet peeve of this year's Oscars.  What was with the hair?  Sandra Bullock's looked like she hopped out of the shower and put it in a bun. It wasn't even a slick bun, I felt like it  closely resembled my beach hair....

Scarlett Johansson's dress was a great colour but I feel like her hair looked like mine when I try to put a wave in it myself.  It looked like it was falling flat due to humidity...that shouldn't happen to movie stars.
...and Amy Adam's hair also looked like the day after curls, when you brush your hair out and it's kinda frizzy.

I heard a magazine editor raving on one of the morning shows this morning that the actresses were trying to go for a more natural look this year.  I don't know about you, but I see natural everyday when I look in the mirror...I'm bored with it.  I want to see GLAM at the Oscars.
Who was your favourite???

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Mark and Tara said...

Jennifer Hudson's blood orange/red dress! Loved it and she looked fabulous!