Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dinner Date

A few months ago my Husband and I decided we needed to have more "date nights".  Since The Boss was born we seemed to be so caught up in spending time with her we neglected "our" time.  We decided a cost effective way to re-connect was through "date night" at home.  We try to do this once a week but sometimes it's a few weeks in between depending on our schedule.  On date night, we sit and feed The Boss dinner but we don't eat.  Once she has gone to bed for the night we make something new for dinner and eat with adult conversation.  It is amazing how relaxing dinner can be when you aren't worrying about the other person at the table putting their dinner in their hair.

This weekend it was Mr. D's turn to come up with our meal plan and he did not disappoint.  He takes this very seriously.  He made Lasagna Rolls from the Men's Health cook book Cook This, Not That.  He found the recipe online but after eating this we are seriously considering buying the book.  

It tasted AMAZING, and there were tons of leftovers for a second meal this week.  What I love about it, is you can eat what you love with healthy substitutions.  I am a huge believer in eating healthy, eating fresh, and really paying attention to what we put in our bodies.  The recipe substitutes ground turkey or chicken for beef and even used spinach which shocked me that Mr. D would even try.  The taste was not compromised at all and we weren't left feeling bloated and overly cheesed out the way you sometimes feel after Lasagna.

If you want to give if a try check it out here.

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