Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Stop Growing...

Stop Growing already…..would ya?

I remember my Mom saying this to me at some point,
I thought she had totally lost it.
These days I am beginning to think she wasn’t all that crazy!
Maybe it’s that The Boss will be two in about 6 weeks,
Or maybe it’s because I've been visiting lots of babies,
Maybe it’s just something in the water?

The Boss has grown from a Baby to a full person overnight.
Mr. D and I stare at each other in shock at the things coming out of her mouth.
Full on sentences,
And just general conclusions of the events around her.

When I was on maternity leave with her, she was my little buddy.
Her cheery, loving personality made me smile everyday.
I would chatter to her and she would grin back.
It was like being out with my Bestie.
I told my Hubby that she didn't have a choice,
She had to my best friend from now on.
Now when I go out with her, it’s her doing all the talking,
And me grinning in amazement of what a beautiful little girl she’s become.

I love everything about this little girl.

I love…

  • That she brings me a coffee from her kitchen every morning while I straighten my hair.
  • When she sings along to the ABC’s and claps, stomps, and shouts hurray because she is “Happy and She Knows It”.
  • How she yelled “zucchini” with excitement when the Japenes chef started chopping it on the grill at Benihana.
  • That she asks “Okay Mommy?” if she hears a loud noise or if I drop something.
  • When she yells “Bye” to each of her friends by name and waves to each of them when leaving daycare.
  • That it’s a reunion of kindered spirits every morning when I go to get her up.
  • When she grabs my face gently to give me a kiss and then hugs me, completely unprompted.
  • That she is potty trained and is teaching every baby, stuffed animal and toy she owns to go potty.
  • Whenever she sees a Starbucks cup, no matter where we are she says "Mommy's coffee".
  • How much she loved Sea World...while other kids were bored and looking around she was yelling "Go...JUMP!" to the whales.  The people around us were killing themselves laughing.
  • Her enthusiasm for everything we do!

Baby Girl if you are reading this, and I fear too quickly you will be, can you PLEASE stop growing?  It’s happening way too fast….Mommy’s not ready yet! 

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