Friday, April 13, 2012

Spring Cleaning plus Toddler Proofing

You know those days that are just jam packed?  Those are the days when The Girl decides to show me how much she has grown.  Don't get me wrong...I love spring cleaning, there is something about tidying and purging that makes me feel accomplished.  However,  day after we get home from Florida is not the day I feel prepared for this type of project unless it's for her safety...and this time it was.

Enter messy linen/medicine closet.

 Not only did I not know she was strong/smart enough to open the closet, I did not know she was tall enough to get the Baby Advil out and bring it to me saying "I need medicine."  Yup, The Girl knows a good thing when she finds it.  Baby Advil is like liquid gold in cherry flavoured form.  That stuff works within seconds of entering her mouth and apparently, she likes it.  After I got over the shock I knew that very minute was when I would clear my schedule and ensure my child was not high on "medicine" without parental consent and supervision.

A little revamp and we were ready to go.  Unfortunately for her, the "medicine is was too high to reach so she will have to settle for a snuggle in the clean towels for her fun.


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