Thursday, April 12, 2012

Toddler Hat

We recently visited Florida (you can see our pictures here) and this meant I had to get The Girls' summer wardrobe ready a little earlier than usual.  I bought dresses, shorts, a bathing suit and a hat!

I'm not sure what genius decided that someone wearing a size 2T hat was mature enough to leave their hat on without a strap, but that seemed to be a pattern with all the hats I liked.  Seriously though, the second it goes on, The Girl throws it off.  This didn't stop me from buying the hat I wanted,  but I did need to added one.

I started with this...

Found the seems on the inside and hand stitched some elastic I had at home to the inside.

 Stays on perfectly and didn't change the shape at all!

Am I the only one LOVING yellow and navy these days?

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Anonymous said...

Yes, I love yellow and navy, and TOTALLY agree about the straps on a toddler's hat. I've been searching for the same thing and may need to get my handy sister's help to add straps to her little niece's hat!