Wednesday, March 16, 2011

How to Pack a Baby for Vacation

I love going away but I absolutely detest packing.  Since we tend to travel a lot with my in-laws in Florida and close friends in Virginia where we met I have tried to create a system to ensure we have everything we need.  Since I started packing like this the only thing we have forgotten is our toothpaste and that was because somebody used it before we headed out the door and forgot to throw it in...*cough* Mr. D *cough*.  Luckily this was an easy fix.

Here are my tips for making packing as efficient and easy as possible.
I divide my laundry into piles while folding it.  This makes it easy when delivery it to it's home.  TAKE, obviously goes in the suitcase and DON'T TAKE,  can go back into it's home until we get back. Note the crib sheet.  I have never put the Boss in a crib at a hotel and I am super apprehensive about it.  I am bringing my own sheets and plan to wipe down the crib best I can.

Since the weather is pretty unpredictable in Florida this time of year, I packed outfits for warm weather with sweaters that can go over top if it's chilly.
Packing in piles ensures you have all the pieces for each outfit and appropriate clothing for each activity.
Make sure it all fits!!!!  Since we visit Florida multiple times a year I've left some toiletries at my in-laws.  We also normally pack only enough diapers to get us there and for a few days and then buy a package when your there.  This leaves extra room for clothing!
Next, you need to think about your diaper bag.  This is everything you will need from the time you drop your luggage off until you reach your destination.  I have labelled all the necessities but one thing to keep in mind if your flying is to pack comfort items for your baby but also toys that won't make the honeymooners behind you want to throw you off the plane.  I always avoid toys that make noise.  Another life saver is the passy wipes.  Even though I keep her passy on a clip  it sometime touches the plane seat...eeew!
Again, I'm planning on buying most of the stuff we would need from our kitchen once we get there.  I normally make all the Boss' food but TSA rules make this near impossible.  I have packed two jars in the diaper bag and will purchase the rest once we arrive at our destination.
Washed and ready to go!  We're done.  Now time to go pack Mommy!  I pack pretty much the same for myself.  The key is to take it one step at a time.  Review your daily routines to ensure you have everything you need.

And on that note...we're off.  I'll be back in a week.  In the meantime, have a great week and we will chat soon!

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Melissa Hare said...

Oh wow Chels, I thought packing myself and the mr. was hard enough. I can't imagine packing a baby! Have a blast in Florida. Can't wait to see you when you get back.