Monday, March 14, 2011

Who wouldn't love La Posh Style

I follow a number of different blogs and from time to time these blogs have great giveaways.  Normally I check out a giveaway and decide if I need the item or not.  I never, ever put my name in unless I just have to have whatever it is the giveaway is offering.  After all, I would never want to steal something for myself that I think someone else would better appreciate.  When I saw this giveaway on Little Miss Momma (who's blog I LOVE btw) I new I had to share it over here.  La Posh Style...where have you been all my life?

La Posh Style was founded in 2010 by a photographer who knows how important it is to look awesome, especially for a photo shoot.  These pieces include ruffles, texture and embroidery making them unique and fabulous.

With at least one wedding scheduled for this summer, and a small speaking engagement on Mother's Day I hear a few of these dresses calling my name!  Here are two of my favourites.

So, if you love these looks as much as I do, and want a chance to win a $25 credit toward your purchase, head-over to Little Miss Momma and find out how you can be entered in this great giveaway.  And remember, if you don't love it...don't steal it from the rest of us. ;)

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