Sunday, March 27, 2011

Lessons Learned in Florida

This was my first trip to Florida without my Hubby!  I was travelling with my Mom, but since Mr. D and I travel often I definitely missed our perfectly choreographed trek through the airport.  We are like a well oiled machine keeping track of passports, boarding passes, navigating the metal detectors with a diaper bag and stroller, on the run diaper changes and feeding the Girl on the plane.  However, we did make it and I was proud of us.

We had a wonderful time and I could not have asked for better weather if I had have ordered it for myself!  Here are a few lessons learned.

1. You look like a total tourist when you land in high 80 degree temperatures in jeans and sweaters.
2. Your Baby also deserves some relaxation.  The Boss loved soaking in her "marble" tubs.
3. Bring your own sheets for the crib...the ones provided by the hotel don't look like the brand new perfect set your baby is used to.
 4. Cribs on wheels ROCK...the Boss LOVED watching us get ready for the day in her moveable "cage".
5. Use your time wisely, feed Baby while waiting for the shows to start.  You have to be at the shows 30 min. ahead of time to ensure you get a seat, so keep Baby entertained and re-vitalized for the next activity.
6. Save your money and take your baby to the SPCA rather than Sea World.  She loved the "Pet's Ahoy" show featuring cats and dogs...she had no idea who Shamu is.
7. You can never have too many changes of clothing for your Baby at a theme park.
 8. Playing with a baby in the water inevitably leads to getting soaked.
9.  My days of sunbathing by the pool edge are long gone.  Someone wants to play, and that means Mommy has to go swimming. (Do you love my new bathing suit I picked up at Target? Yes, this is one of the ones I blogged about here, only with white bottoms)
10. American shopping is the BEST!!!
11. Save valuable shopping time by letting Baby self-sooth and fall asleep in her stroller....I think the beautiful breeze helped, and she loved having bare feet.
12. Even Baby's hair suffers in the humidity.
13. Missing naps, late bedtimes and an awkward feeding schedule ultimately leads to a major meltdown even from the very best Babies.
14. Getting off a plane from Orlando and being greeted by snow and freezing temperatures SUCKS. (I know you don't feel bad for me, at least I got a week in the sun.)
15. I would do it all again in a second!  We had a wonderful time.

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ypastorswives said...

o my goodness! I had no idea you were down here :)