Monday, May 23, 2011

If I was Ashley H....

The Bachelorette...what is it about this show....I just can't help myself.  I MUST watch it!!!  I thought I would write a piece for the next couple weeks called..."If I was Ashley H...."

I will keep this week short and sweet but "If I was Ashley H..." I would be so disappointed.  (For all those who are concerned about my marriage and me lusting diving into the lives of these other husband is the first to tell everyone that when I die he is going on the Bachelor... he thinks The Boss will only better his chances of winning the hearts of all of North America, he's probably right.  So???)  I honestly thought the quality of Men this time around was weak at best.  I am pretty sure if you held a gun to my head I couldn't have picked 18 of them.  Maybe that's because my Man is so great?

Ashley looked gorgeous of course...I loved the dress, especially the rhinestone straps on her back...beautiful!  I am not sure how I feel about her hair colour.  I know people loved it at the "After the Rose" taping last year.  I think she is cute as a burnett but definitely would've taken it a few shades darker or kept it highlighted.

Let's also talk about the Man in the mask and this mysterious "Bentley"...seriously?  What's with the mask?  I mean I understand you are making a statement but we decided that unless he is a planted spy he's a waste of time.  Do you think we can't see your eyes?  Unless you are hiding a black eye from the limo ride over, we think you're a quack!  And Bentley (love his name btw)...someone warned you about him, fine...give the man a chance if he's hot but are we really calling him hot????  Ugh...this could be a long season.  Oh and Canadian nerd, you give Canadians a bad name.

So far I think JP is a front runner.  He seems down to earth, and definitely sexy!  I also liked the dental floss ice breaker guy...that was creative and cute (can't remember his name)!

Who are you loving this season?

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