Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

After opening Father's Day Gifts

This time last year The Boss was 3 weeks old and we were dedicating her at church.  The Hubby's family was here to meet her and we thought what better time to celebrate our girl and give her to her Maker then on Father's Day.  One year later we are chasing her all over the place.  She's not falling asleep in his arms while watching the Master's this year...she is running while he checks updates on his iphone.  Thank goodness for little girls with energy and the technology for Daddy to still stay up to date! 

Popa more often than not can be found in the pool with the Grandkids
...especially when their parents won't go in!

Thank you God for the wonderful men in our lives who are Godly examples of Father's.

Loving on her tiny!

Love you are a wonderful father and your girl loves you to bits...."Dad-dy"!

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