Monday, June 27, 2011

First Birthday Party Project #5- DIY Games {Part 2}

This is the second last posting about The Boss' birthday.  The other day I posted about one of the games we played.  The other game I planned for The Boss' party was inspired from an Easter DIY found in the April 2011 issue of Canadian Family magazine.

Materials Needed:

  • Old or new socks
  • Sandwich bags
  • Dried Beans
  • Embroidery Thread
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Hula Hoops

  1. Fill sandwich bags with beans.  You don't want the bean bag to be to packed so you might have to fill the bag and try it in the sock.
  2. Stitch the eyes and nose on the sock approximately where the heel of the sock would be.
  3. Put the beans in the sock and tie it off at the top.  Cut the tube section of the sock in half creating the ears of the bunny.
  4. Tie a bow separating the head of the bunny from the body of the bunny.

I unfortunately didn't get a photo of these finished and in their little bucket but I had them in a pink sand pale with two pink hula hoops.  This kids took the bunnies out of the bucket and tossed them into the hula hoop.  Super easy and kid friendly!

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