Monday, August 22, 2011

Making Me a Star...

We are back from the cottage and I am making me a star!  I don't know what it is about drift wood that I love so much, but I feel so inspired by it whenever we are at the beach.  My very first post was a display including long driftwood sticks I collected last year at the cottage.  This year I was on a mission for smaller fatter pieces to create my Pottery Barn inspired star.

I loved the look of this star and knew just from picture that it was super easy recreate.  What I love about driftwood is that it crosses many style lines.  This simple star looks nautical and fun in this gorgeous outdoor lounge area.  It would however, look equally adorable and fitting in a Christmas display.  My plan is to put it in our new entryway.  However if it looks awkward I will gladly find somewhere else to put it. 

Stay tuned for the tutorial and where it ended up in my house!

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