Thursday, March 8, 2012

Gator Style Man-Cave

For Valentine's Day my idea for my Man was to decorate his "Man-Cave".  I think it's every man's dream to have a space to call his own and I also think if most couples were perfectly honest they would say their house more so represents the wife's style not necessarily the couple's style.

I started with this...the maroon drapes came with the house, and although the furniture down there is nice the room itself was just not finished. It needed some extra love.



 How about that toy chest?  Do you remember the epic fail that was this toy chest.  If not check it out here in the worlds ugliest spray paint colour.  Gator blue is a much better choice.  The pillow is made from a tea towel bought at IKEA 3 for $4.  I used the two others on the couch.

 The picture over the TV is a poster I got framed for Mr. D for Christmas.  He bought it a few years ago because it's a picture of the Florida stadium the day he took me to my first Gator game.  He claims that's why he bought it...the sentimental value, romantic right?  Can you spot me?

I purchased the drapes on sale for $20 for two panels on sale at Zellers (soon to be Target).   I then taped them off and painted the lines on them.  I searched online for drapes and the only ones I liked were way out of my price range.  This was a cost effective way to get custom drapes.  They were a huge amount of work, especially since I could only work on them when my Hubby was out and I was hiding them when he was home,  they would have been a little easier if I wasn't hiding them.  I researched how to do this here and here and then got to work. 

I measured the drapes then did the math and decided my stripes would be 8 inches apart.  It was tricky to measure and tape it off because you need to account for the width of the tape in the sections you are not painting.  So you measure your first section and tape it.  You then measure from the top of the tape 8 more inches and tape it off with the bottom edge of the tape.  When you look at it all taped it looks as if the painted sections are larger but that is just because of the width of the tape....make sense?

The drapes are a little crunch if you touch them, but who touches there drapes?  They hang very nicely and look great.

Messages to my love for Valentine's Day.  You can't tell by the picture but they had flameless tea lights in them that gave them a nice glow and ambiance for our Valentine's date and big reveal.  I saw this idea on another blog that I can't find.  If this was your idea, email me and I will give you credit.  :)

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