Monday, March 26, 2012

This Weekend....

This weekend my older sister and I attended a Moms To Moms sale through our local momstown chapter.  I had never been to a sale like this but when I got the invite I was intrigue and grabbed my favourite experienced Mom.
I didn't really know what to expect, I have never really bought clothing second hand.  Since The Boss and her cousin are so close in age we have passed a few things back and forth but for the most part everything has been brand new.  I love to shop and keep up with the latest trends so this is not something I would probably do all the time, but this sale was great!

I picked up a dress and the cutest pair of sandals from Gymboree for The Boss among a few other cute things for play clothes.  If it wasn't totally creepy I would've asked the lady I bought most of my purchases from to be my new best friend.  I loved every single thing she had bought her girls, and I could tell from how much she had to sell that she loves shopping as much as I do. 

Since we are spending Easter in Florida, I thought this was perfect.  Bright, cheery and playful.  I bought another dress for The Boss from Children's Place and I didn't love it. It was $34 and although I purchased it on sale for $20 I still couldn't learn to love it.  Enter Mom to Mom...I picked up this sweet dress, that according to the seller was only worn once (It looks like it's never been worn) for $5.  That's right...I saved $15...just enough money to buy a cute matching purse right?

I have also already picked out her Daddy's suit and tie for Easter...they will co-ordinate perfectly,  and what's cuter than a Daddy and his baby matching on Easter.  Now what will Mommy wear?

These are the shoes I picked up as well.  Call me OCD but I took a Lysol wipe to them when I got home (they were immaculate when I bought them but it put my mind at ease).

I guess the moral of the story is that kids grow so fast, for every penny I save I can buy her that much...or buy Mommy something new.

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