Saturday, March 24, 2012

Learning and Cleaning

I learned something about myself today...
Apparently, I love shoes!

We had a taste of summer for the past two weeks.  Which has put me completely behind in all my projects.  Who wants to paint the house or stain a table when the sun is shining and the park is calling your name.  So instead of working on projects we have been playing outside.  Family time is so precious to me and work can wait.  My type A personality is starting to go a little crazy in the half completed mess but I know it will be done soon and that family time is more important than creating a beautiful home.

While The Boss was sleeping, I decided to squeeze in a small spring cleaning project.  Our front hall closet has been driving me crazy for a few weeks now so it was time to purge and tidy.  This picture is just a portion of the closet there are many more shoes, don't even get me started with my heels, however I had no idea I had so many pairs until I started to organize them.  Growing up my older sister was the shoe girl...she still is.  She always found and bought fabulous shoes.  And it seems as though her little niece is taking after her.

The Boss can often be found tromping around the house in mine or Mr. D's shoes.  Anytime someone's shoes are left at the front door I'll hear her wrestling to get them on and eventually she comes into the kitchen to show me her new pair.  Another reason why the closet needed to be there were no excuses for not putting shoes away.

It was very cleansing to go through, getting rid of and tidy the closet.  I actually love spring cleaning and have spent sometime in other areas of our house purging.  Look out Goodwill...I am bringing in what I purchase two fold!  My goal is to tackle one project a week.  Is anyone having a linky party for this?  That might be good motivation to keep me going.

Happy Spring!

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