Thursday, January 20, 2011

Child and Infant CPR

About 3 months ago, the Boss had a choking incident that earned her a one way ride in an ambulance to our local hospital.  She was the second member of our family to ever ride in an ambulance and did it at the tender age of 4 months old.  There is nothing worse than getting a call that your baby is being taken to the hospital,  let alone via ambulance.  Luckily she was fine and we are still working with her pediatrician to figure out the cause of a choking incident that happened laying on the floor completely supervised 2 hours after eating.  This strange and scary situation got my sister, mother of two, and I talking about how silly it is that we don't even know what to do if something was to happen to our babies.  Aside from calling 911 and going into complete hysterics we are useless.

Last night we took care of this.  My Mom, my sister and I all took a Child and Infant CPR course through the Parks and Recreation department where we live.  For $50, we are now fully equipped, and licenced, to save our children's lives.  While the licencing part was not at all important to us, it gave us the piece of mind that our course was a certified program.

One of the reasons people don't take the course is because they are afraid.  Going into the class my Mom was terrified and kept saying "I will come, but I am going to be scared".  What the course reinforced over and over is how easy it is.  We left the class feeling confident that in an emergency situation we would be calm, instead of hysterical, and could react as need be.  Even my Mom felt comfortable knowing what to do in an emergency situation.  The course was completely hands on using actar dummies to practice our technique.  They creeped me out just a little but as our instructor said the point of practicing, as a pose to reading about it, is hopefully your body will react without thinking.  You will remember doing it and just do what needs to be done.

If you are a Mother, Aunt, Grandmother or someone who just loves children I highly recommend taking this course.  I found this more helpful and informative then pre-natal classes.  Please contact your Recreation and community programming for a class near you!

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Unknown said...

oh that's so scary. poor baby girl :( luckily, we've only had gags happen, no official choking, but i was trained years ago and probably need a refresher. good reminder.
and funny sidenote: i never did prenatal. I figured ignorance was bliss! haaaa!