Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Baby Beanie

 There is nothing I love more than babies in little beanies.  The Boss rarely leaves the house without a beanie or a bow in her hair.  I wanted to do a project for valentines day so I decided to make the Boss and Valentines beanie.  I started from scratch making the beanie and then stencilling it.

 I used one of my hubbies undershirts.  I used a new one so it wasn't sweaty and so gross.  He was not too pleased but I promised to buy him a new one.
 I cut the hem off the bottom so I could use the rest of the shirt for another beanie later.
 I measured the Boss' head and then made a rough sketch of one side of the beanie and added about an inch to the size of half her head for seam allowance.  I cut two pieces for each side so 4 pieces in total.
 I pinned the bottoms together and sewed 2 of the pieces together, then flipped them inside out.  This will give a nice finish to the bottom of the hat.   
I pinned the front of the hat and the back of the hat together then sewed up and around the top of the hat.  Sewing the front and back together.

Trim the extra fabric from the seam...I am sure there is a technical name for that, but let's be honest I am a total sewing rookie.
Then I tried the hat on for fit.  The Boss in constant motion, hence the blurry photo.  She is playing in her pac-and-play so she is in the same place when I turn back around.
Next comes the stencilling.  I found freezer paper and I am now in love.
Found an image online, printed it, traced it onto the freezer paper and cut it out.
 Next, you iron the freezer paper onto your beanie.  This was tricky because I wanted it on the side of the  hat and over the seam so I had to work with it to get it flat.
 Then I used fabric paint to paint in the lips. I used some with a sparkle because sparkly lips seemed like more fun.  I used a sponge brush and then used a paper towel to dab it off because I wanted it to look more like a kiss then a solid pair of lips.
 Tada!  Here it is.  This is just the beginning of her outfit.  There will be a shirt and a photo shoot coming soon!

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Unknown said...

ha! I just posted a freezer paper stencil project right now too.
LOOOOVE the big kiss on the hat!
so perfect for Valentines!