Monday, January 24, 2011

My weekend project...

...was a total bust!  I had purchased an end table off of Kijiji and had plans to pick it up with my Hubby after work on Friday.  When I called the seller on Friday night they didn't answer...strange but no big deal. I emailed that night and called again Sunday...still nothing?  Does this mean this person died...or are they just not going to sell to me?  I am hoping I hear back from them tonight or tomorrow.  I am so disappointed though, since I had bought the paint and planned to finish this project this weekend.  Has this ever happened to anyone else?  I loved this piece.

To make up for my unhappiness the hubby and I had fondue together last night while watching the two big football games.  We first found fondue at a great restaurant called the Melting Pot in the USA.  This is a great place to go if you want to visit all through dinner and catch up with friends.  The meal start to finish takes about 2.5 hours.  LOVE it!  Our love for this restaurant lead my Hubby to getting me a fondue pot and then this cook book for the following valentines day.  We have tried a number of different recipes in here including cheese, oil and chocolate.  As you can image chocolate is our go too.  Amazing!!!!

Our go to is called S'mores.  Healthy right?  Hahah these are just our dippers.

Here is what makes this so AMAZING, terrible for you.  I can't believe I am pointing this out but, we start with chocolate chips, add a small amount of whipping cream (helps melt the chips and keep it creamy), add a scoop of fluff, and a few crushed graham crackers.  Great right?

Mix it together as it melts


So the weekend wasn't a total bust.  The fondu, or "FUN-DU" as we like to call it, made up for a lot of the disappointment.  I also took on a different project for the Boss which I am excited about and I will be posting later today or tomorrow! How was your weekend?

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Melissa Hare said...

Mmmm I've had your Fondu before and it is very delish!