Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Homemade Millionaire

I am loving this new show Hosted by Kelly Ripa on TLC.  It airs Friday nights and I am blown away by the inventions that some of these women come up with.  They have a huge opportunity to present their inventions not to mention the winner gets to sell their product on HSN.  

Isn't this the dream???  
To earn millions from your home? 
To provide for your family without any worries?
To do what you love, and love what you do?  

We are currently struggling with this.  I am 7 months into my one year maternity leave and the hubby and I are trying to decide what the next steps are.  Do I go back to work full time and put the Boss in daycare or do I stay at home with her and try working from home?  Both scenarios have their pros and cons, and while there is no clear answer we are talking about all our options.

What do you do from home to supplement your income?  Do you have an idea to make yourself a homemade millionaire?


Unknown said...

Such a hard decision eh?
For us, ours was (almost) made for us. Luckily, most of our marriage we've been on one income (J in school our first year). After Maya, I went back to work part-time to gain the extra income and to build up enough for another maternity leave. I got pregnant just after Maya's first birthday. Then things got interesting. I could barely move from Sciatica and was very ill. I quit after 2 1/2 months. I didn't get mat leave for Jemma at all. We found that the gov't support (as is, with baby bonuses and tax credits) ended up being enough "income" for us. It doesn't come without sacrifice, we will probably always be a single car family, and we don't dine out or shop often(without it being birthday money or gift cards).
I think the simple answer is to pray about it and be open to what God has planned for you. I know for many, they return to work to be able to earn mat leave to stay home again, and that's a great small term sacrifice!
So that's my long answer to that question.
But no, no homemade millionaire ideas! My brain is too foggy from sleep deprivation for that! hahaha.

Melissa Hare said...

Chels, if you find an idea, I'm all in with you!