Sunday, January 9, 2011

Tag Blankie

I completed my first project from my Simply Sewing book I got for Christmas.  If there is one thing babies love it's the silky tags on blankets and stuffed animals.  I often find the Boss with her stuffed babies upside down and the washing instructions in her mouth.  This is what inspired the tag blankie to be my first project.  This small blankie is easy to take with you and if your OCD like me you can make sure it's always clean by throwing it in the wash machine.  All you need is a small amount of fabric and some different colours of ribbon.  I was pretty happy with how it turned out.  As I was working on it I thought about all the different combinations you could do or stencil your babies initial to make it more personal.  I already have my second one cut out, pinned and ready to be sewn for another special baby girl I know.

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