Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Easy Frame

I saw this frame here.  Loved the frame but hated the price.  (The website is American so in Canada this frame was retailing for about $34.99).

 I've gone back a number of times and hummed and hawed over it but still can't justify the price.  Then it came to me.  After looking it over for a few minutes I thought I really could do this myself.  So while on one of my thifty sprees I came across this great frame for $3!

I loved the wood and the teak look to it.  We are reno-ing our bedroom right now and I'm using teak accents, so this stood out to me.  I took it home, used some twine I had laying around the house (vase project) and added some mini clothes pins.  I had to purchase the clothes pins but I had a Michaels 40% off coupon so they cost me $2.50.  Total project cost....$5.50.  Totally worth it.  I haven't yet decided where it will reside in my home but I have currently put it in my living room/ dining room for now.  I am going to keep it here through the Christmas season to hang Christmas Cards and photos we receive in the mail on it.  After that it might be moved to the bedroom...we'll see.


ypastorswives said...

very chic ;) curious...what american website? Pottery Barn? Pier One? Target? lol

Cheeky D said...

Pier One...lol They have pier one in Canada but the prices are always american.