Monday, November 29, 2010

Etsy = Easy

Each year I look forever to find the perfect Christmas card to send to all our family and friends.  I check all the traditional places (photoshops, drug stores and Walmart).  My fear every year is that I will send the same card as other members in my family and since our family is so unique I want a card that shows our personality.

This year I checked Etsy.  I have purchased baby girl hair bows on there before and found other unique items, but never did I think they would have christmas cards.  It was so easy!!!!  We used Conveying You Designs by Kim Nelson.  We selected the design we liked, emailed a picture and our proof was sent to us about 4 hours later (they say 24 to 48 hours).  Once we approved the print, a jpeg was emailed to us and we were able to get them printed at our local print shop.  In a matter of 24 hours (faster if we were on the ball) we had the perfect Christmas greeting ready to be mailed out.  The design cost us $15 and then we could print as many as we wanted where we normally print photos.  This is awesome since our list seems to be growing each year but the choice between 25 or 50  (the number most online christmas cards offer) is too big of a jump.

Take it from a girl that has shopped around...these are the best looking Christmas cards for the price.  We are so thrilled with them.  Even the Mr. approved these, now that's a good Christmas card!  Now that the cards are out, stay tuned for other fabulous Christmas projects!


Unknown said...

great idea!
we do ours through Vista Print. I just wait for the "free postcards & free uploads" email to come (since i'm on their mailing list) and then I order 100 of them and only pay for shipping & envelopes. All said & done it was $19.02 this year! not bad. not bad at all.
Yay for being frugal with something that can potentially get VERY costly eh?!

ypastorswives said...

I love it! I need your address by the way to send ours to you :)