Saturday, November 20, 2010

I love....

I've seen different sayings and different versions of this popping up everywhere.  One of my favourites though are by Jen Ramos on Made by Girl.  You can order her I love blogs and coffee here either in print form or unwrapped canvas.  Such a cute piece of art for the blogger in your life.  If I was to order one I would need it to include "Jumperoo".
Dear Fisher Price, 
Thank you for inventing a toy that not only keeps my child occupied while I catch up on my blogs, but also tires her out so she is ready for a nap when I am ready to DIY.
Love, Chic Momma

* This is not intended to be a copy of an original design but instead a fun take on a great piece of art!  This piece is not for sale but to purchase an original visit Jen Ramos at Made by Girl

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