Monday, July 25, 2011


I'm off work for two weeks and I couldn't be more excited.  Don't get me wrong...I love my job but I also love having time off.  I'm having a little stay-cation if you will.  The Hubby isn't off, but my office shuts down for two weeks each summer so I'm at home and I am not complaining.  Instead I am going to spend the next two weeks getting my life back.

I have the utmost respect for Mom's who work full-time.  I work part-time, plus a little, and I find my life gets so out of control at times.  I find it hard to keep up with the cooking, cleaning, and be happy and grateful when I feel tired. The business of life takes over,  and I sometimes feel stressed doing everyday life.  I hate that feeling.  I am at my happiest when I am at home getting things accomplished and taking care of my girl.  I want to take care of my home, my man and my baby girl.  

There are a thousand projects/things I want to get done while I am home.  I started with this...clearing the clutter...

then did this...which also lead to packing up a lot of The Boss' baby stuff that she's too old to use.  It was kinda sad but also kinda cleansing.
I have a bunch of other projects that I am working on and will be sharing throughout the week.

What projects have you been wanting to do for weeks?

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