Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dollar Daze

I've had my eye on these cute growth charts at Chapters (Canada's Barnes and Noble) for a few months now.  Since I had no immediate need for them,  at $19.99 a pop, I couldn't really justify purchasing them "just in case".  When I was walking through the other day I notice they were on sale so I stopped to check the new price...ONE DOLLAR!  That's right these super cute growth chart decals were marked down from $19.99 to $1. 

 For that price I couldn't figure out how many I needed!  I was considering purchasing one at $19.99 so realistically I could get 20 and still come out about even right?  I tried to practice restrain and picked up three of the Safari Round Up and one of the Blooming Tree in pink (the tree also comes in blue).  My plan is to put the Safari Round up in our basement/family room since it doesn't go with the Boss' room decor.  The two left overs will be saved in case I ever have to design a boys nursery and for a baby shower in the future!  It's cheaper than a bow.  I picked up the Pink tree for my Besty who's having a Girl in August.  She is using the Penelope Pink and Brown nursery bedding from Pottery Barn Kids.  This will either look adorable with her decor or for a dollar I thought she could even put it in the baby's closest?

Do you think I should go back and pick up some more?