Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sweet Bachelorette Party

Today I was working on our guest bedroom/ office since my Mother-in-law is coming to stay with us for a week, but then I had to take The Girl to the doctor for two immunizations which totally traumatized me.  So I am currently taking it easy trying to get my blood pressure back to where it should be.  This awesome bachelorette party made me smile though so I thought I would share it with you. 

My friend Tara and I have grown up together, and while life has taken us on different paths we always seem to find a way to re-connect.  
Our friendship started in elementary school, Tara is a year younger than me so we were in different classes but our Mom's served on committees together and we rode the same school bus.  
When it came time for high school we went to different schools but we connected while working at the same retail store in our mall.  
Tara eventually switched schools and went to my high school.  
We then reconnected when I saw her walking the halls at the university I went to...sure enough Tara was going to go here too, so we met for coffee and served together on a volunteer committee at Laurier. 
We have connected over Facebook (who hasn't) and more recently through blog land (another reason I love blogging).

She has married the love of her life and followed him out to California and back while he finished his schooling.  They just returned to the Toronto area and not a minute too soon.  Tara's brother is about to get married so Tara and her sister threw their soon to be sister-in-law a 50's Vagas Glamour Bachelorette Party!  If you can't go to Vagas (definitely on my bucket list) this is the next best thing.  Check out their cute decor!

The banner hanging over the fireplace was made by Tara.  She saw them in a store for $6 a piece and new she could make them for cheaper.

Tara also writes a blog called Cupcakes Coast to Coast where she rates cupcake stores throughout her travels.  Her blog will make your mouth water.  I don't doubt for one moment that these were inspired by her travels.  They are are adorable and look delicious!

Tara's sister Britt is super artsy so she made these water bottle labels base on my tutorial here.  I think next time I need covers I might call her.  Look at how awesome these are.  They put my little e's to shame!

Here are the party hosts in their 50's Glam! Tara is on the right and her sister Brittany is beside her.  Do you kinda wish they were your sister-in-laws?

To see more pictures of this cute event or to follow the adventures of Tara and her Hubby check out The Sylvester Scoop

If you make something based on a Cheeky D in Heels tutorial I would love to see how it turned out!  Email the pictures and a bit about your project to


Mark and Tara said...

Thanks Chels for the sweet shout-out. It was amazing to read how our lives have intersected so many times - how cool. Love your blog girl, thanks again!!

Love Tara

mackyton said...

Thanks my friend for sharing this post on bachelorette bash. I am in loved with the decoration. I am truly craving on those cup cakes. At some local Seattle venues my friend also threw a dinner bash and it also turned out to be just fabulous.