Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Christmas Shopping for a Toddler Girl...

Christmas is my MOST favourite time of year.  
I love it even more than Fall!  
I think its because, unlike any other time of year, we make time to spend time with family, friends and co-workers to celebrate the season.  
Even though The Hubby is American, and it is against his inner core to start celebrating before Thanksgiving weekend, I have softened him a little so we start Christmas music and Christmas shopping as soon as Halloween is over.  
He even lets me decorate the weekend before Thanksgiving.  
What a guy!

All year long I have seen things I want to buy for the girl but have been holding out for Christmas.
It makes it more fun right?
I know thinking of ideas can sometimes be tricky so I thought I would share some of the beautiful things I am thinking of for the girl.
She will likely not be getting all of them but here is a starting point.

Happy Shopping!

1. A baby stroller for her to push her babies in. Pottery Barn Kids $79.00
2. Minnie Mouse Ears for everyday play. The Disney Store
3. Could these moccasins be any cuter? I would wear them inside and out. Target $14.99
4. Hand stamped silver baby bracelet. Julie the Fish Designs $54.00
5. Toddler size back pac for her stuff when we are on the plane. Skip* Hop $19.00
6. I absolutely adore this jumper.  Add bright tights and a long sleeved-t. Baby Gap $39.95
7. Every girl with growing hair needs some clips to keep it out of their eyes. Target $2.49
8. Baby Stella has magnetic accessories that attach to her mouth. Manhattan Toys $32.00
9. Child size table for crafts or tea parties. Ikea Table $39.99, Chair $19.99
10. Stylish yet cute to keep her warm in our cold weather. Target $10.00

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Unknown said...

We have those minnie ears!! they've lasted through years of play now! and I got that owl backpack for my nephew last year. VERY cute :)

Jenny said...

great ideas! I'll have to hold on to these for next year. My daughter is was born in feb, so she is a bit young for them, but SOO cute!

Crafty Couple said...

Cute stuff! My kids make picture lists like this by pasting pictures out of magazines, maybe I'll make some lists for them on my blog...fun.

Amanda @ The Little Giggler said...

So much cute stuff!! I just love that baby stroller!

Kristine@thefoleyfam said...

SO fun! Love the baby stroller and Maggie would too ;) Thanks for sharing and linking up with us :) We appreciate it :)

Have a happy day!