Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A story about ornaments...and how they're now covered in twine

When Mr. D and I first got married we were so excited for our first Christmas.  I absolutely love this time of year, and it brought tears to my eyes every time I thought about us creating our own Christmas.  Being newlywed meant we got to pick our own decor and start our own traditions.  We started by purchasing all the ornaments for our tree.  Mr. D wanted colour while I preferred something more subtle.  We eventually decided on some beautiful red and white ornaments from Crate and Barrel, a compromise on colour yet still modern.  I ordered all our ornaments online and could not wait to put them up when they showed up at my door.

I pulled them out of the box with eager anticipation of our "forever tree" and...HATED what I saw.  I didn't like anything I purchased.  Crushed, Mr. D took me to Target, Walmart and Kmart to find the some Martha Stuart inspiration and hopefully save our first Christmas.  I purchased all blue, which was a total copy cat of my Mom's tree, I felt anxious about trying anything else new.  We took our Christmas Starbucks drinks home and set to work hanging our new choices.

Mr. D sat on the floor attaching the hooks and handing me the ornaments.  About half way in he knew something wasn't right.  "Is everything okay?" he carefully asked, not sure he really wanted an answer. "Yeah..." I said.  "You hate it don't you?" he asked.  "Yeah, I do."  Being the loving husband he is, he suggested I try my Crate and Barrel ornaments I thought I hated on the tree.  Maybe they will look better on.  As we spent the next hour carefully removing one set of decorations and exchanging them for my original purchases I felt so nervous I might not like them.  Luckily Mr. D was right.  The ornaments looked much better on.  We returned the blue ornaments and fell in love with our forever tree.

While I was super happy with our tree there was always something about it that kept me from absolutely loving it.  I couldn't get past the "friendship" phase if you will.   We filled some of the holes with some plastic  ornaments to make the tree look full, so when I decided twine would add the warmth my tree was lacking I grabbed the cheap balls and set to work.  I simply popped the top off, covered the ball in glue and wrapped them in twine.  Glue the top back on and you are done.

 I love my new twine ornaments.  
The next step to adding warmth to our tree, is adding burlap. 
 I added this on the weekend, and fell deeply in love with my tree,all over again.

Stay tuned as I reveal the Christmas 2011 additions that have taken our decor to a new height!

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