Friday, January 20, 2012

New Wall Art...

Today, we were blessed with new wall art.
Today, The Boss redecorated by colouring on the wall, 
Yes, the wall!
I always wondered what "kind" of parent is so oblivious to what their child is doing?

Let me tell you "The Kind".
The Kind who's husband leaves at 6 am for work leaving Mommy to do the morning routine.
The Kind who worked all day and didn't get a chance to use the bathroom because it was so busy.
The Kind who rushes to get The Boss from daycare and then home to start dinner.
The Kind who forgot to take chicken out so she frantically tries to defrost it and get it in the oven.
The Kind who is scrambling to get dinner in the oven so she has time to get gas before getting Hubby. 
The Kind who knows if she makes one false move they won't be eating until 8 pm.
So who is this terrible parent?

It's a Mom.
Clearly, this could happen to anyone of us. 
We have a strict no colouring unsupervised rule at our house.
The crayons and colouring books are kept high so The Boss can't get them on her own.
But, today I was THAT "Kind" of Mom. 
I was busy so I handed The Boss the crayons to keep her out of the way while I ran around.
Today I was thankful for magic erasers.
Those things really are magic.
Dear Magic Eraser, thank you for erasing the mistakes of the day! 

For those of you who are feeling a little like I am today, a picture.
A friend posted this and I couldn't resist sharing.

I am excited to spend time with my co-worker this weekend.
Have a great weekend!

Ps. This post is by no means a slam on my Hubby but instead a reminder to all Mommies that we all have days like today.  We are so grateful for Mr. D's job but every once in a while I need a reminder that we are all "That Kind" of parent sometimes.

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Anonymous said...

Don't worry Chels, I'm the kind of Mom who once watched my toddler walk around the corner using a meat slicing knife as a walking stick - yes, blade-side up - because I didn't realize it was inside of a baking pan I left within reach. Thankfully there's someone else watching over our little ones too when we happen to turn our heads for just a minute!