Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Design Show

 Like I said yesterday, Mr. D and I went to the design show this weekend.  This was our second time at the show (you can read about our first trip here).  Last year I fell in love with this table...

I am still working on making it, or something similar to it, happen.  Very soon though, very soon!

One of my favourite exhibits this year was BY_Lissoni Lounge, created by Piero Lissoni, Italian Architect and Designer.  He was the IDS 2012 International Guest of Honour.  Isn't this gorgeous...and totally do able?  I overheard them telling another admirer that they removed the covers of some 2,000 books for the exhibit.  Crazy right?  I think this is a thrifters dream, cheap books, easy to do, huge impact!

Another awesome element was at the entrance where they hung long pieces of felt from the ceiling.  You can read more about the installation and process here.  The Girl thought it was kinda fun as well.

The Girl also spent some time with her Papa in their matching sweaters.  There interest level in the show and all the beautiful pieces was about as close as the colour of their sweaters.  How cute are they?  The Girl was happy for the extra attention!

Overall I think I liked last years show a little better.  Maybe it's because I met Tommy Smythe?  There seemed to be more rooms set up by designers last year.  This year some of the exhibits were a little to out there for my liking.  Overall, it was lots of fun and a good activity for a cold snowy day in January.

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Anonymous said...

As a writer, I must strongly object to removing the covers of 2,000 books for the sake of a fun design concept! But otherwise, sounds like a fun exhibit. ;)